Speak Your Mind in English


What Teacher Carr's students say about her:


STUDENT IAN: Teacher Carr is tender,kindhearted,charming and has a nice voice..I hate English sometimes, but every time I meet  Carr again I like English..I hope to see Teacher Carr everyday. I love Teacher ^^" says Ian, a Grade 4 student from Hyundai

 "Her name is carr so sometimes children think it's the same as the toy car. They follow her. Carr is not just an English teacher, Carr understand our minds. Teacher Carr is like friend. When I met Carr I change my think about foreigner. I think foreigners don't like Koreanbut she is not like that. Carr is a foreigner but she try to understand Korea, our culture and respect it. she try to learn to Korea so she can teach students well. Carr gives to me comfort so I can speak english not feeling shy. SHE makes me SPEAK ENGLISH natural" says Ms. Sunny and Sally, mother and daughter (a kindergarten teacher and a kindergarten student) from Gimhae, South Korea

"Teacher Carr has good voiceClasses are exciting and very energetic, that is why classes are never boringYou can easily understand Grammar usage for they are exlained well by Teacher Carr"says Eloise, a student from Daegu, South Korea now residing in Canada

It was last summer when I met Carr. I was so stressed as I couldn't speak English and I met Carr.  I was the first student of her. There had been a struggle because My Korean accent was not familiar with her and I was hard, too. But with everyday's class,, I found her to be diligent and I got better and better with her careful attention by amending my mistakes sentence by sentence. I memorized all of them. It has been 7 months since starting in my English. some have been telling me I must have been studied more than 1 year. But I know what I lack. I would like to thank Carr to give me a good chance. She teaches really well and she is now teaching English to my daughter and her friend. They are second grade in the elementary school. She has her own style of teaching. It never her name Carr called 칼(a knife)in Korean, a knife means punctuality in korea. she is punctual. These are the reasons why I like her.saysMs. Candy, a piano teacher from Busan