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Speak Your Mind in English

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Conversational English 101

Do you oftentimes feel nervous when you have to speak your mind out using English? Are you not confident enough to speak the language for fear of being criticized because of your wrong grammar? Then Conversational English Course is for you. There's no other way to resolve this problem but to face it and start doing something about it--like practice. Yes! Practice makes it perfect. During each class, you will be asked to converse with the tutor about the topic. No need to feel nervous nor embarassed. The tutor will be correcting your sentences (grammatical mistakes) and give explanation. Using the English language everyday can hone your speaking skills. So if you want to start putting your thoughts in English, take the CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH COURSE 101!
Business English 101

This course is ideal for professionals and business people who are most of the time being asked to deal with people from all over the world. And of course, you  must know how to speak the universal language (which is English) for business suggestions, plans, proposals etc. BUSINESS ENGLISH COURSE 101 will help you become more familiar with essential business terminologies as well as how to use them in conversations.

English For Travelers 101

Are you preparing to go on out of the country trip any time soon? Do you love traveling? Then English for Travelers Course is for you. Sometimes not knowing how to fully express yourself using the English language gets in the way to a perfect vacation. With ENGLISH FOR TRAVELERS 101,  usual and possible situations during trips will be given to you in each class and you will be tasked to respond to it using English. During each class, you will be introduced to new words which are essential when traveling. Grammatical errors committed during the conversation will be corrected followed by an explanation.
(Note: A book may also be used by request)

Fun English for Youngsters 101

Children's attention span lasts for only a few minutes. They easily lose interest in things if they don't get bored with them. But with Fun English for Youngsters Course, children are sure to enjoy the classes. Your children will learn how to make sentences,  pronounce words correctly, learn new words,  and also learn English songs. Your children will learn how to love English that they will see it as a fun hobby instead of seeing it as a task that needs to be done. So if you want your children to learn how to speak English, enrol them now in FUN ENGLISH FOR YOUNGSTERS COURSE101

Here at TALK ENGLISH 101 we also help you:

Improve your Accent

         Try to notice - when you are exposed to something constantly the tendency is you will adapt things in that environment be it the way how you think, how you feel, how you move and even how you speak! Accent can be learned with constant practice . We can start improving it by learning how to pronounce words correctly. When you constantly hear how words are properly pronounced and at the same time you try repeating it out loud you are actually making your tongue familiar with the proper pronunciation.

Enrich your Vocabulary 

   A good English speaker must equip himself with a lot of words. Here on Online English 101, we open the door to enrich your vocabulary. We carefully explain the meanings of the words that we encounter during the classes and let you use them in your own sentences to make sure that you got the meaning correctly.

Improve your Writing

          It is not enough that you can speak the language. Moreover you must also know how to write the words correctly. Here on Online English 101 as we improve your speaking skills we also pay attention to your writing ability. We correct how you write your words and sentences.